Local Content


The maximization of Local content in terms of employment and supplies is one of the main features of Saga Italia’s business philosophy.

Saga Italia pays special attention to HR development and local content. The HR policies aim at enhancing and developing the capabilities and skills of its employees, enabling them to express their full potential and assist in achieving the Group’s targets.

As Saga Italia often operates in developing countries, local content has therefore become a strategic topic for many of the industries it serves, especially in the Oil & Gas sector. A challenge that Saga Italia has fully embraced by integrating training programs and consultancy services in its business school, enhancing local content and workforce development.

Saga Italia’s expertise also extends to the fiscal side as many of the countries we operate in, have withholding tax policy, linked to the local content: Saga Italia is aware of the specific regulations and the aim is to manage the use of foreign and local goods, services and labor in order to minimize any fiscal risks.