Q-HSE Management System



SAGA ITALIA Q-HSE Policy is the starting point to internally promote the culture of Q-HSE Management System in order to ensure the Company continuous grouth and competitivity in a highly demanding market.

The maingoal achieved in this context has been the integrated approach to Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management with effective implementation of a dedicated organisation, procedures and work instruction.



SAGA ITALIA Commitment is to take all reasonable measures to ensure the health, safety and well being of our employees in the workplace as well as provide a safe and secure working environment and to minimise any pollution resulting from our activities. The Management recognizes that Quality is the key factor to achieve the expected results.

SAGA ITALIA is implementing a global process called "Work Activity Risk Assessment" (identification of the risks, analysis of their effects and determination of corrective actions) by applying a procedure to:

  • Identify hazards, situations or potentially hazardous conditions (RISK IDENTIFICATION).
  • assess the probabilities and the consequences of these hazards’ impact upon the workforce, equipment and / or the environment ( RISK CLASSIFICATION).
  • Implement measures to eliminate or to reduce risks ( RISK ANALYSIS)




The main objectives of our system are:

  • Define organisational structure and relevant roles and responsibilities;
  • Identify the processes necessary for the quality management system and their standardization throughout the organization;
  • Determine the sequence and interactions between these processes;
  • Decide criteria and methods necessary to ensure an effective implementation of these processes through the identification of adequate indicators;
  • To preserve Company know-how;
  • Ensure the availability of resources and their adequate training;
  • Monitor, measure and analyse these processes through objective quantitative criteria;
  • Implement actions necessary to achieve planned results and the continual improvement of these processes.

The main objectives of our system are:

  • To abide by the legal requirements applicable to health, safety, labour law, health and environment in the workplace;
  • To satisfy the HSE requirements of our Clients;
  • To prioritise accident and incident prevention as well as to provide a safe and secure working environment;
  • To ensure that all employees are trained in the safety and environmental aspects of their work and are responsible for implementing this policy in the workplace;
  • To provide necessary medical care and to look after the health and well being of our staff;
  • To acquire and use equipment that conforms with current standards and regulations;
  • To communicate achievements, to implement action plans, to achieve objectives and to ensure that these issues become a ‘way of thinking’ for our staff;


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