4PL and Supply Chain Management

ďA fourth party logistic (4PL) provider (also called Lead Logistic Provider LLP) is a supply chain integrator that assembles and manages the resources, capabilities and techniques of its own organization with those of complementary service providers to deliver a comprehensive supply chain".

SAGA Provides High quality logistics services customized to Project requirements. In order to meet the Client obligations and satisfaction, a dedicated project teams are always appointed to follow each project, managed by one of our senior experts in the field of project logistics.

Solutions are tailored to the needs of the client and may involve dedicated personnel, strategic partners or a 4th party solution approach (4PL).

For each project a specific Logistic Execution Plan is issued together with Client logistics Team, in order to arrange all the procedures to be followed during the Contract execution.

Procurement services:
Vendor Assessment

ITT preparation
Bid Receiving / Technical & commercial evaluation
Short listing and scorecards preparation

Post Order follow-up:

Packing and preservation specification design/review.
Material Expediting
Vendor Inspection
Customs clearance and VAT liabilities
Importation required certification.
Commodities customs classification
Pre-Shipment inspection.


Inventory control.
Receiving Checking, inspection
Maintenance and Preservation
Pre-Shipment inspections

Land Transportation:

Rail Freight

Sea transportation

Sea freight (bbulk and Containers)
River Barging, lighterage and Towage operations
Ocean Part Cargo or Full Time vessel chartering
Sea/River type charter vessels

Air Transportation:

Oil and Gas Express to Kazakhstan
Air charter

Customs Clearance

HS code identification and Customs regulations consultancies
Import/Export and Transit clearance
Temporary importation/Exportation
Bonded areas setup and Operation

Heavy lifts /Out of Gauge

HL/OOG movements are managed by dedicated team of specialists; for each movement a specific execution statement is issued in compliance with Clients request.
Following are (but not limited to) the major activities involved in a HL/OOG movement performed by Saga Italia own resources:
  • Risk assessments
  • Route survey
  • Infrastructures assessment
  • Transport support/saddles engineering.
  • Lifting plans and lifting operations engineering
  • Permits and authorizations expediting and obtaining.Multi-axle Hydraulic Modular trailers operations
  • Roll on/off operations
  • Sea fastening and grillage engineering.
  • Barge towage operationsSTLís Project/Contract Execution Policy.
  • Lashing and Dunnaging


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